Are you ready for what you want?

Is it time that is lacking or the ambition and motivation that stop you from making the change necessary for the joy you are seeking?

Have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of stagnation?

Sometimes asking the question is the first step into that breakthrough.
Ask yourself, “What around me needs to change, or be removed, to get one step closer to my next goal?”

Second question can be, “Can I make this change on my own, or do I need to reach out for help?”

There are long lists of resources out there to help you achieve whatever it is you are aiming for.

The last question to ask yourself is this, “Am I ready to take the steps necessary to achieve what it is I want?”

If your answer is yes, GO GET IT! Take that leap! What do you have to lose?
The worst case scenario is you fall down and have to dust off the dirt. So you head down another path…..and you still have the experience to learn from….still a win in my eyes.
Take the step. Head in the direction you see yourself. Make your energy worth the time used, not the time using all your energy.


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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