Society Still Needs Kindness

I’ve been out talking to people wherever I go and the story remains the same. Society has not balanced out yet. Everyone is working hard at something and yet many are benefiting off others hard work. Why?

There are individuals who have degrees in areas of expertise that are working jobs that pay less than half their salaries to get by in this economy. They cannot even afford to pay back their loans that they made proper decisions to maintain after the perceived payout would come. My question is why?

According to the news updates in the last year or so, jobs are on the rise and unemployment should be continuing to decline as people take those jobs. However, the jobs that are available do not serve up the pay or benefits that are needed to maintain only one job (opposed to a career that many have invested money into). So in a rat race to keep up on bills and sleep, is there any other industry to jump into other than Health and Wellness?

I have always been an advocate for the Mental Health field and believe in therapy, as well as finding a good work vs. home life balance. Having said that, I also believe that whoever pushed the button on the focus to upscale health, over threw their shot. Especially when you add in the desire to legalize something that we all know impairs some peoples ability to be productive. (Do not misunderstand me, I believe in natural remedies and utilize what I can before pharmaceuticals, but I also understand the need for additional studies before jumping on the band wagon for ALL people). By focusing so intently in one area (health/wellness), you neglect the others.

The others (like proper income levels) now becoming dependent upon the one you want to show bias to, leaving the imbalance in society. So, how long will it take before the balance returns; I now wonder if it ever existed….hmmmm

I was raised to believe that if you worked hard, put in the effort, that it would pay off, and you could “climb the ladder” as it were. Did I see favoritism and oppression from time to time? Of course. There are people out there with hateful spirits that do not want to see others succeed or be happy. It’s sad and true. There are also people who still believe in helping, and can/will raise anyone up that puts in their effort. But we have now become a society that will either fight to the death to barely make it, or is already beaten down that they have given up and would rather be taken care of by the government.

Hand-outs can be nice and everyone loves free stuff from time to time, but if that is how you assume life is on a daily basis then nothing holds any value. It’s time to start understanding everyone’s place and the value they hold in those places. a balanced outlook in all industries is needed.

Labor work is extremely hard on our bodies and eventually breaks them down if they are not properly cared for and given the rest they need. They don’t always pay as well as they should nor do they always offer benefits that carry on after retirement to cover the extra costs of disabilities that are bound to people who remain on those positions throughout a lifetime. (I believe this is sometimes because those people hold such pride in their work that they “grin and bare it” rather than complain or come out of pocket for the care they need before it gets out of control). Then there’s the flip side…

Let’s talk: Schooling, corporate and/or admin work. While these things do not always cause the amount of physical disabilities in the long run, they can. I have watched many assistants go on leave for carpal tunnel surgery, issues with feet, neck/back issues from sitting or standing at computers for hours at a time and not having the proper stretch breaks. *(Which are made available by applications nowadays that can be easily installed on corporate computers, if the company cares enough about its employees to do so).

Don’t forget about the issue our country has on obesity. Whether home on disability, at a computer for hours only eating unhealthy snacks, or some other reason….these issues also come into play of how someone needs proper education on health, backed up by an employer (or for those on disability without employment: the government) for the financial assistance to pay for it!

I almost forgot – schooling. For ones who chose not to continue their schooling, maybe you hated it and couldn’t wait to get out. Do you remember why? Maybe it was hard, maybe it was exhausting.

For some, it is invigorating and their brains want to continue to absorb more information as they learn. Whichever end of the spectrum you sit on, IT IS still exhausting at a certain point. These individuals also sit at computers or books for long hours of the day, many not eating healthy foods because they can barely work part time while holding down the study hours and classes, etc., to keep up.

My point in breaking all this down is this: we all have daily battles AND life will throw extra stuff at us on top of it (family/relationship issues, etc.), so please don’t forget to keep your eyes open to the possibility that the world is unfair to everyone right now. We need to make sound judgement calls in life but before you judge another about what you perceive their position is in life, think.

The agenda that has been set for society is still not a balanced one, but I believe someday it will be and that hope and faith is what keeps me going. I hope for all of you that it will as well. As you go out today (or if you are home on disability/unemployment), I hope you take a moment to recognize that everyone has their own cross to bare and we need to be kind to one another as we carry them.


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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