Have you ever met someone that puts their life in front of danger for the sake of the greater good? I bet you have, whether you know it or not. Think about the person.

Did you notice whether they have a stressed-out demeanor or if they have learned the art of peace? I recently interacted with someone that keeps me in awe.

Everyday I interact with this person he has a sincere smile on his face, he waves hello, and cheerfully goes out in the world to protect our state. His name is (for the sake of confidentiality) “The State Trooper”.

Mr. State Trooper has an infectious smile that brightens your day, while being visually armed and ready to defend at any second. It sounds impossible to have both at the same time, but he makes it work.

As he waves goodbye to start the day with a smile, he comes back with the same smile along with a story. Some stories are not as difficult to hear as others, but what gets me is this….

A man that just faced a known murderer in a shoot off (and winning the battle), should at the very least be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted beyond holding a smile….and yet, he happily stops to answer anyones questions with the sincere smile hidden within his eyes….because he loves his job. He TAKES care of us by TAKING down ones that are out to harm us, he actually CARES for us by showing his love and compassion for the work he does, and he GIVES of himself beyond what many have the capacity to do.

So, thank you to Mr. State Trooper, along with all that were involved in the crazy 3 week manhunt within our area. As a single woman and mother, it is important to me that you (as well as the others) are out helping keep our community safer for us to live freely.


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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