What’s Left to Fight For When Hope is Lost?

What’s left to fight for?
They see all you do
Open the internet and you are caught in the web
Any wrong move could end in dread
From finances to finding where you live
They have it all, so there is nothing to give
The control has always been the plan
All the technology to do a full body scan
Who will be the last standing alive
Many depressed will look to the roof for a dive
Is there any heart left in the people
Even church folks have left under the tainted steeple
Gone are many hopes and dreams
How do we recover from a drowning in the ravine?


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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