The moment we met is engraved in my brain

The moment I knew you were keeping an eye out for me

The moment you showed up in the same outfit and we laughed

The moment I cried and poured my heart out to you

The moment after I had started piecing my life back together and you said you’ve waited so long for me

The moment I pretended not to hear

The moment I wish I could’ve been ready for it

The moment before I left again and we had our last embrace

The moment I had to beat the devil away so he didn’t ruin us

All the moments that I didn’t hold on longer to you because in your arms the world stops

For every future moment that I don’t know is coming

I pray to God that he continues to keep each moment forever embedded in our story


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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