Hurt People Hurt People

This saying has been going around in so many circles that it makes my head spin. Whether the rich want to be richer by way of manipulating people’s emotions, or the empathic want to spread love to those who need love to gain more empathy themselves, one thing is made certain, God takes note of the heart, not man. It is not our place; however, it is important to recognize that he does not want us to be treated as doormats, so he gave us discernment. How strong is your discernment in this area of life? Let us look at a couple examples and see. In the case of a missing parent the term may suggest that the parent in question is a hurt individual and therefore inflicting their hurt onto those they are not around by being absent. Discernment would then teach us that it is more probable that having the parent around could cause more harm than good and allowing the parent to be “missing” would be in the best interest of the child (still loving and praying from afar while possessing healthy boundaries). On the flip side, if someone has the direct intention (whatever their motive) to come into someone’s life simply to inflict hurt and/or pain then they are not only perpetuating more hurt and unnecessary psychological damage but breaking down someone’s faith and love they already maintain. Side note: Many may argue that someone who has faith would not be shaken from it. It does not matter how strong you feel your faith is, Jesus warned us that we will ALL fall short. No one is indestructible and to think otherwise is very dangerous. He himself threw tables in upset over how people were behaving (if you do not know where that is then I urge you to read your bible), would we not get to that point as well? Are you a better human than Jesus? I certainly am not. Back to the example: It is cruel to believe that you should put yourself in a situation that God has shown not healthy for you, and those that attempt to come around with continued UNHEALED hurt are essentially mocking God (not just you). How do we know if they are unhealed or not? Time and discernment. There are gangs of people out there using this well-known phrase to their advantage (again, for whatever their motive) and making a living wage on it while also betting on the idea that kindhearted people will support them. Guess what, they are right because kindhearted people do support each other, and God-fearing ones know how to discern (by his confirmation) who those people are and/or when to get closer to them. Can God’s people be misled? Of course, and God will walk them through that fire and out to the other side, but why go through something that he did not intend on having you learn from in the first place? Maybe you already learned that lesson? I may be wrong (because I am an imperfect human) however I believe that it is VERY important to have a healthy sense of ego. This is not to say be egotistical, and this is not to say to be devoid of ego all together. I came to this conclusion because of the problem I see in our culture right now. It is that people feel the need to be on one side or the other. Why? We all must live here RIGHT NOW. That is not being on the fence with faith in God, that is having the faith that God will handle it better than my skewed knowledge of it. So, it would make more sense to take notice of both sides and allow things to play out in the way that God oversees. Do you believe you ARE God, or simply have God within you? Do you feel hurt people deserve to be loved even while dealing with their hurt? What about continuing to hurt to the point of spreading their hurt to you and/or others? Do you feel your faith is strong enough to handle what God put in front of you? Have you discerned that what is in front of you is for you, or is that your will? Do hurt people hurt other people? Sometimes. Can and should you love those that hurt? Always. Do you need to accept someone into your life that is hurting? If you choose to. Do you need to accept someone inflicting hurt into your life? The answer to that should be taken to God.

Dear President, What’s YOUR perspective?

I was driving in a poorer area of Texas and saw a Hispanic man with a large alien attached to the grill of his car. It was in two pieces, as to have been decapitated by his vehicle. I began to think about the population of people who are here in Texas as second or third generations (maybe further back) who declare their patriotic symbolism so clearly with no apologies.

Mr. President, if people who have embedded DNA running through their veins that is of people who fought tremendously to come to a free country, still devoted to it and show that they do not want open borders…..when does your influence come into play?

It appears that no one allowed the empathetic residents of Martha’s Vineyard to have an opportunity to embrace the immigrants, allow them to thrive with the resources they have to offer, and continue within their community before a decision to ship them away was made. Who made that decision so quickly?

Are people actually being included and heard when making decisions in their own communities? You and your Vice President keep sending the message that you are all for inclusion and equality. If not all the people are actually being heard or allowed to have their facts, logic, opinions, and beliefs in any interaction that means something to them (I.e. their community growth and population)….then how does your message not turn into a big fat lie?

Just curious.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to reply (I sincere mean that),

Just a blogger with some questions

God Never Ceases To Amaze!

Isn’t it funny when you know your faith is strong and you still get surprised when God shows up? You can be at a tipping point and know that you’re pissed that God isn’t showing himself in your life. You may start to fall down into a spiraling rabbit hole, only to look up and be lifted up again before completely letting go.

That is God. He is miraculous is so many ways. That little voice telling you “Do not listen to that advice” when you’ve already gained wisdom from previous mistakes. Seeing signs that only God could show you in your walk/journey. That little acknowledgment of heeding our God-given wisdom then turns into a blessing, even when we are not looking for one.

It usually isn’t until after the blessing shows up that you realize….”Hey, I knew that was wrong, stayed away from it, clearly stated that will NOT be my choice in life because I know God would be disappointed in it, and now this great thing appeared”. Coincidence? I think not!

I’ve never believed in coincidences and from time to time people try to argue against me. Here’s my point of view: If people who believe they can make life occur on their own free will and energy, without the help or guidance from something greater than them…then couldn’t someone more mastered or skilled in life alter their choice as well (whether it be out of envy, jealousy, or pure evil intentions)? After all, if we have so much power to control our lives, then we could attempt to control others as well. On that same level of thinking….I believe God has the best intentions for us ALL and with his guidance I can bypass or avoid unnecessary evils that do not bring me to the blessings he has (because he is bigger and more masterful in all his ways than anyone on this planet). Therefore, he doesn’t do things out of coincidence (or malice, like people could, whether intentional or not). He has a master plan. If you are off the path of his plan (because of your free will), then instead of seeing a coincidence….maybe you should see a sign (like “Caution Ahead, Stop, or Slow Down” to see why it caught your attention in the first place). Then remember how amazing God is, even when we forget, he will remind us when we stop to listen.

To know God is not just knowing or believing he exists. To truly know him takes effort, like you would give any relationship. Learn about him. Grow with him. Read about him. Give him time, energy, and watch him give it back to you. Never stop being surprised with the great gifts that you don’t expect, but do, just because he loves you back!

If you need help finding God or a place to start your journey…reach out and I would be happy to find the proper resources in your area.

Tired or Depressed/ Lending a Hand or Hand Holding

I saw a post yesterday stating that a response of “I’m good, just tired” is a red flag to the beginning of depression. As someone who was diagnosed for years with MDD (Major Depressive Disorder) it made me think about something.

My eyes have been so heavy from working hard and not sleeping much lately AND depression is the LAST thing on my horizon. Why would anyone assume that a natural response to working hard and lack of recent sleep equates to depression? I have loved the moments I used outside of sleep to do what I love. I slept shorter hours by choice. It brings me joy and was a temporary use of an area that will be replenished in the near future. Does my past automatically dictate my future because that is the “norm” now?

If the normal response these days is to fall into depression because day to day life is just too much to handle, then maybe it is time to make some serious adjustments and stop allowing todays culture to tell you how you should be responding! This was the only solution to “beating” my depression years ago and not looking back.

One reason for this post is to share (from my perspective and experience) that I appreciate the “Be Kind” movement that has flooded our society and become routinely heard. However, I would also like to see people take a step back and not give excuses to irresponsible choices to abide by this new kindness culture.

We all have choices to make each day and sometimes we will make the wrong ones. Being kind and caring to others and ourselves is important when we need a hand to help us up, as we dust off, and keep going forward after making those incorrect steps. On the flip side, if someone chooses to lay down and not get back up regardless of the helping hand that has been extended…..THAT IS A RED FLAG. Please then use the kindness you’ve been graced with to guide that individual to a qualified avenue of help (maybe that is you, maybe it is not, only you can make that decision).

My hope is that this clears up any unnecessary flooding of people into mental health services and/or accusations of individuals needing such help. Lending a hand does not mean hand holding. Let’s leave that latter to happy couples who intend to walk side by side through it all.

Just another Truman Show

I hear the stories

I see the news

Not much has changed

It gives everyone the blues

Why bother talking

When no one listens

The only ones rising are those that glisten

Sparkle like diamonds

Shine in the light

But when you look inside

Death is the sight

Forgetting how to be human

Only thinking for the material

Loosing all sense of what is a miracle

Maybe they have never witnessed

Gods hand in their life

Maybe they have never noticed the true strife

I look up in amazement

Knowing it will all be ok

And that God is not far away

Grateful for open eyes

And beyond the illusion

Praying that each day more will come out of the delusion

Relaxing and letting go

After all, it is just like the Truman Show

George Jetson And The Robots Taking Jobs Continues. Look Out Salons

My son pointed out that yesterday was the day George Jetson was born. We already moved into the timeframe of “Back To The Future”, and tech companies have created what their visions were….we can now expect to have additional robots taking jobs away from people.
I just saw a machine do a manicure online. My question is “why!”? Why do we need the “cool machine” to do our nails? How many women are going to lose their careers because you decide it’s faster and convenient to use a machine?
Do you not enjoy relaxing every once and awhile to do something nice for yourself? Do you not care for your nail tech? Or the health of people who work in those positions?
Personally, I think my time at the salon is not only relaxing but therapeutic. Does your machine offer that?
You may look human after using a machine, your nails may be fire, but after your mentality has transitioned into the full-time “go,go,go” and hasn’t had time to recognize that YOU are living more like a robot as well….it may be too late to stop the progression. Just some food for thought. George Jetson has been born now.

What’s Left to Fight For When Hope is Lost?

What’s left to fight for?
They see all you do
Open the internet and you are caught in the web
Any wrong move could end in dread
From finances to finding where you live
They have it all, so there is nothing to give
The control has always been the plan
All the technology to do a full body scan
Who will be the last standing alive
Many depressed will look to the roof for a dive
Is there any heart left in the people
Even church folks have left under the tainted steeple
Gone are many hopes and dreams
How do we recover from a drowning in the ravine?

Selfish or Survival

Humans are not only selfish by nature but survivalists, whether in groups/communities/cliches/marriages or solo. For those that tend to run in smaller pacts I have this question: When the thought of reaching out to someone, do you find it selfish because that is what YOU feel at the moment? Or does it get put upon your spirit for a reason? Could it be a natural reaction to you or the other involved pulling on the spirit?

If we listen to the spirit that is pulling on us we should first discern what type of spirit it is. “Am I just lonely and need a friend to talk to that would not otherwise hear from me?”, we could ask ourselves. Maybe that is a life saving moment that needed to occur in order to keep surviving in a healthier way.

What about when it is not a survival need, but a selfish one. Not wanting to give up a connection to someone that you know is not a healthy relationship that you should be in can be toxic. Do you aim for survival or “tough it out” until you find that person you should be connecting with? What are the discerning factors?

In my life I have battled many things, still do. But, I’ve also got really great at figuring out when relationships are one sided. I tend to stay away from those because it never seems to last the lifetime that some relationships are built to do, and yet I have managed to keep hope and faith in one’s that I keep a distance from.

So, how do figure out which relationships are meant to stay or go? What type of assessment helps you decide? Does it matter if you have some kind of ties to the person (I.e. family, business, etc.)? How much time do you allow before removing yourself or giving it a fair go?

Comment below and let me know.


Have you ever met someone that puts their life in front of danger for the sake of the greater good? I bet you have, whether you know it or not. Think about the person.

Did you notice whether they have a stressed-out demeanor or if they have learned the art of peace? I recently interacted with someone that keeps me in awe.

Everyday I interact with this person he has a sincere smile on his face, he waves hello, and cheerfully goes out in the world to protect our state. His name is (for the sake of confidentiality) “The State Trooper”.

Mr. State Trooper has an infectious smile that brightens your day, while being visually armed and ready to defend at any second. It sounds impossible to have both at the same time, but he makes it work.

As he waves goodbye to start the day with a smile, he comes back with the same smile along with a story. Some stories are not as difficult to hear as others, but what gets me is this….

A man that just faced a known murderer in a shoot off (and winning the battle), should at the very least be emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted beyond holding a smile….and yet, he happily stops to answer anyones questions with the sincere smile hidden within his eyes….because he loves his job. He TAKES care of us by TAKING down ones that are out to harm us, he actually CARES for us by showing his love and compassion for the work he does, and he GIVES of himself beyond what many have the capacity to do.

So, thank you to Mr. State Trooper, along with all that were involved in the crazy 3 week manhunt within our area. As a single woman and mother, it is important to me that you (as well as the others) are out helping keep our community safer for us to live freely.