Hurt People Hurt People

This saying has been going around in so many circles that it makes my head spin. Whether the rich want to be richer by way of manipulating people’s emotions, or the empathic want to spread love to those who need love to gain more empathy themselves, one thing is made certain, God takes note of the heart, not man. It is not our place; however, it is important to recognize that he does not want us to be treated as doormats, so he gave us discernment. How strong is your discernment in this area of life? Let us look at a couple examples and see. In the case of a missing parent the term may suggest that the parent in question is a hurt individual and therefore inflicting their hurt onto those they are not around by being absent. Discernment would then teach us that it is more probable that having the parent around could cause more harm than good and allowing the parent to be “missing” would be in the best interest of the child (still loving and praying from afar while possessing healthy boundaries). On the flip side, if someone has the direct intention (whatever their motive) to come into someone’s life simply to inflict hurt and/or pain then they are not only perpetuating more hurt and unnecessary psychological damage but breaking down someone’s faith and love they already maintain. Side note: Many may argue that someone who has faith would not be shaken from it. It does not matter how strong you feel your faith is, Jesus warned us that we will ALL fall short. No one is indestructible and to think otherwise is very dangerous. He himself threw tables in upset over how people were behaving (if you do not know where that is then I urge you to read your bible), would we not get to that point as well? Are you a better human than Jesus? I certainly am not. Back to the example: It is cruel to believe that you should put yourself in a situation that God has shown not healthy for you, and those that attempt to come around with continued UNHEALED hurt are essentially mocking God (not just you). How do we know if they are unhealed or not? Time and discernment. There are gangs of people out there using this well-known phrase to their advantage (again, for whatever their motive) and making a living wage on it while also betting on the idea that kindhearted people will support them. Guess what, they are right because kindhearted people do support each other, and God-fearing ones know how to discern (by his confirmation) who those people are and/or when to get closer to them. Can God’s people be misled? Of course, and God will walk them through that fire and out to the other side, but why go through something that he did not intend on having you learn from in the first place? Maybe you already learned that lesson? I may be wrong (because I am an imperfect human) however I believe that it is VERY important to have a healthy sense of ego. This is not to say be egotistical, and this is not to say to be devoid of ego all together. I came to this conclusion because of the problem I see in our culture right now. It is that people feel the need to be on one side or the other. Why? We all must live here RIGHT NOW. That is not being on the fence with faith in God, that is having the faith that God will handle it better than my skewed knowledge of it. So, it would make more sense to take notice of both sides and allow things to play out in the way that God oversees. Do you believe you ARE God, or simply have God within you? Do you feel hurt people deserve to be loved even while dealing with their hurt? What about continuing to hurt to the point of spreading their hurt to you and/or others? Do you feel your faith is strong enough to handle what God put in front of you? Have you discerned that what is in front of you is for you, or is that your will? Do hurt people hurt other people? Sometimes. Can and should you love those that hurt? Always. Do you need to accept someone into your life that is hurting? If you choose to. Do you need to accept someone inflicting hurt into your life? The answer to that should be taken to God.


Why Test God if you Believe

The only ones that test God are the Devil and his minions, however we become their subjects if we’re not careful. We know this because they carry the spirits of envy, jealousy, greed, lust, and pride. None of which are character traits to the fruitage of the spirit which God (who is LOVE) maintains.

Like demons, the demonic spirits that creep into our flesh from time to time, or that find a home there, know the truth of Love is undeniable to those that have ever felt it.

Why then test the spirit of joy and happiness instead of understanding that Love always overcomes Evil? This is written and understood by so many.

If you believe the Bible to be God inspired, why would you conform to a societal inclusion that is in direct opposition to the very thing you claim to believe?

My eyes have seen, my ears have heard, and my spirit is aware……your soul has been sold.

Time to pray 🙏🏼

His Love

His love fuels me when the world is dark and gray

His love draws me in and makes me want to play

His love runs through me and out into others

It lights a fire under the covers

His love is unbearable and addicting

The spirit you don’t mind drinking

Sober minded and pure, I delight in all he is

Couldn’t stand it if I wasn’t his

The warmth in his embrace, the sound of his voice

It’s as if I never had a choice

As strong as a lion and as gentle as a dove

Like a magnet he pulls me into love

Can’t wait to be in your arms again

That my dear, is the ultimate win

The moment we met is engraved in my brain

The moment I knew you were keeping an eye out for me

The moment you showed up in the same outfit and we laughed

The moment I cried and poured my heart out to you

The moment after I had started piecing my life back together and you said you’ve waited so long for me

The moment I pretended not to hear

The moment I wish I could’ve been ready for it

The moment before I left again and we had our last embrace

The moment I had to beat the devil away so he didn’t ruin us

All the moments that I didn’t hold on longer to you because in your arms the world stops

For every future moment that I don’t know is coming

I pray to God that he continues to keep each moment forever embedded in our story

From The A/V Booth

As I sit in the booth and watch the production come to life, I feel you

When the show exudes beautiful energy, I feel you with me

The lights glowing, the cameras focusing on the perfect moments

All for your glory and you are there

Sometimes I think you’re a figment of my imagination, too good to be true

Something that I created in my mind to help keep love alive

Wanting to pinch myself but don’t dare

The chance of loosing this love wouldn’t be fair

Through the A/V booth the Lord allows the love we have to be shared

The Strong Whisper Love

The whisper in her ear of the take down

His contempt frightening

His power beyond her control

The anger that arises when she continues to climb up the mountain

His control and clutches too far out of reach

She can breathe the fresh air

Healing with each breath

The chains are the only thing broken now

Only love remains

Radiating from the inside out

A sigh of relief, a sincere smile, and a relaxation that frees the whole soul

Peace is here

Only wind whispers now

Out Of Alignment, Near A Town Called Grace

He drinks to numb the pain

Pops pills to fulfill the lustful desire

Blinded by the illusion of happiness in material and superficial things that he doesn’t see himself

An empty vessel longing to be filled, yet looking in all the wrong places

She cries in her room alone

Longing for the touch that will ease the pressure instead of causing more

Looked at for her presence and never considered for intelligence

Searching through the crowds for someone to fill those needs, get looking in all the wrong places

Will they ever align in Grace at the same time?

Dwelling On Neverland

From state to state you decide where your mind dwells

Whether a free spirit, Peter Pan, Stepford wife, or (like the majority) some crazy combo of them all, one thing is certain

You are not mediocre

You are not ordinary

Not an outcast

Not weird

No one is

Your beauty lies in every breath you take

Your peace shines so abundantly that it irritates the demons of men

They may try to trick you into thinking Neverland is unattainable and not in your reach

What they fail to let you know is that you have their idea of Neverland within you already and they haven’t found it yet

Remember to breathe

Remember that God made you beautiful

Remember that Neverland is the state you live in anytime you decide to

*if you’re having trouble finding peace, happiness, joy, or the patience to get through your days, it’s never too late to reach out and get help. 988 is the number to call or text 24 hrs a day for all Suicide and Crisis needs.

Where Is The Line? Abiding By Established Laws And Signing Your Rights Away

As society is moving forward from the pandemic and a huge adjustment is being made to clear up the aftermath of its undesirable effects, many questions come up on where to go from here. Communication has been greatly affected by the enforcement of isolation.

Many people have opened there eyes wider in the midst of how our government runs, operates, and the control it maintains (whether legally or not) to push their own agenda. Questions have arisen in peoples minds.

Do they have a right over all areas of our lives to protect and defend us properly?

A light now brightly lit on social media platforms and how they have operated under their own bias decisions is evidence on where they have peeked in (to help us?). However, when is it our own responsibility to know what we’re getting ourselves into? Have you taken a moment (or few hours because they are so long) to read the policies that you so easily sign away your rights to? Most people (myself included) will push through them for the sake of an easy and fun way of communication to those you wish to keep in connection. (Or the mere fact that we have other things to do in our day than read through an entire book of policies, that doesn’t have a happy ending, before getting to enjoy the thing that takes a few seconds to use.)

What about those who do not understand what is being read? What about those who did not learn to read (for whatever reason)? What about those who don’t have anyone to advocate for them and help translate what is being said before they pass through something so important? Do those people not deserve to understand their privacy rights because it wasn’t conveyed to them in a manner that they could grasp because their communication style is different than the norm?

Does this hole in privacy matters give the government authority over the major corporations to intervene and help protect our society (and beyond because they are international)?

How much control is too much and where is the line that stops our freedoms? Have we reached a point in our culture that people don’t care about freedoms and rights as much as they do instant gratification and easy access?

What do you think? Should there be a government hand (“clearly written” laws) in all companies to help protect the rights of the people or is that giving too much power to the government? Are we losing our democracy or gaining a new authority from the major corporations? Is it a part of the peoples position to recognize and assess their own irresponsible behavior (for lack of a better term) or the government’s to protect them from making poor ones in the first place? That brings in the above mentioned group, in terms of how to navigate whether they have a voice in it all. We have laws to protect the ones who couldn’t/wouldn’t speak for themselves. Do you know what they are and/or do you take for granted what you can do for yourself?

What do you think? Do you sign your privacy away on a regular basis? Do you feel you should be protected from people stealing your privacy?

Where is the line, and have you signed on it?

What Would Your Answer Be?

If someone was to ask you when the last time you read your Bible was, what would your answer be?

If someone asked you the what the last time you put something of scripture into practice or action in your life, what would your answer be?

If someone asked you how often do you chat with God, what would your answer be?

If someone asked you what kind of Christian you are, what would your answer be?

To know God exists does not make you a Christian.

To take on a label of Christian does not make you one. It can however, make you a hypocrite.

Christians makes mistakes. God understands.

True Christians will repent and change course to align with God because they know his opinion is the only one that matters.

Take heed to his word. Follow his guidance and stop looking at others in judgement when you can’t see your own shortcomings.

May we all self-assess on a regular basis and ask “What would your answer be”?

Drawing The Line Between Myself And The Joneses

Once upon a time it was pointed out that “keeping up with the Jones’s” was something to take note of.

Society had lost itself within a cloud of materialism.

We are repeating this same idolatry with a Kardashian world. Using our own bodies to materialize society and not allow them to be the beautiful treasures that were given.

I would love for people to take a moment and think about the love they share of their newborn baby. No matter how what that child looks like……you accept it, love it, and cherish that fact that it came to life.

Why then do we lose that same love as we age? Why do we give in so easily to the idea that we need to add toxins into our bodies that plump, lift, and/or alter them to fit in to an image that wasn’t given to us? Why do we need to all look the same and fit whatever standard is the newest trend of the decade?

I’ve fallen prey to wanting to look my best and still subscribe to it. I like that I can feel good when I’ve added a little mascara or lipgloss and face the world we live in with more self confidence……but where does the line get drawn?

That’s the question of the day: Where do we draw the line for ourselves?

Should anyone else have manipulative ability through social, political, and/or media outlets to control the line for us or do they get to push the envelope to the point that we don’t recognize ourselves anymore?