Money, Power, and Gratitude. Do they work together?

The schemes that people use to get ahead (seeking money and power) can easily be put into practice when they use unsuspecting individuals that “do as they’re told” without the knowledge or experience to question what’s happening. I see this in the workplace today. There are individuals who are treated as Kings and Queens simplyContinue reading “Money, Power, and Gratitude. Do they work together?”

Are you ready for what you want?

Is it time that is lacking or the ambition and motivation that stop you from making the change necessary for the joy you are seeking? Have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of stagnation? Sometimes asking the question is the first step into that breakthrough.Ask yourself, “What around me needs to change, or beContinue reading “Are you ready for what you want?”

Emotional abuse, what do YOU do?

Have you ever felt the sadness inflicted on you by another person, just moments after you’ve made a stride and felt great? Maybe you have watched a friend or family member endure this type of scenario.This is the definition of emotional abuse.When suffering with such abuse people turn to many things: Spirituality, Therapy, Creativity, andContinue reading “Emotional abuse, what do YOU do?”

Look at the grass, do you walk on it?

Growing up we were taught to stay off people’s grass and to not pick flowers without permission from the owners of the property. There is a reason for this…. There are people who take pride in the place they dwell in. So much that they invest money, time, and effort into that area. The quoteContinue reading “Look at the grass, do you walk on it?”