George Jetson And The Robots Taking Jobs Continues. Look Out Salons

My son pointed out that yesterday was the day George Jetson was born. We already moved into the timeframe of “Back To The Future”, and tech companies have created what their visions were….we can now expect to have additional robots taking jobs away from people.I just saw a machine do a manicure online. My questionContinue reading “George Jetson And The Robots Taking Jobs Continues. Look Out Salons”

What’s Left to Fight For When Hope is Lost?

What’s left to fight for?They see all you doOpen the internet and you are caught in the webAny wrong move could end in dreadFrom finances to finding where you liveThey have it all, so there is nothing to giveThe control has always been the planAll the technology to do a full body scanWho will beContinue reading “What’s Left to Fight For When Hope is Lost?”

Money, Power, and Gratitude. Do they work together?

The schemes that people use to get ahead (seeking money and power) can easily be put into practice when they use unsuspecting individuals that “do as they’re told” without the knowledge or experience to question what’s happening. I see this in the workplace today. There are individuals who are treated as Kings and Queens simplyContinue reading “Money, Power, and Gratitude. Do they work together?”

Are you ready for what you want?

Is it time that is lacking or the ambition and motivation that stop you from making the change necessary for the joy you are seeking? Have you found yourself trapped in a cycle of stagnation? Sometimes asking the question is the first step into that breakthrough.Ask yourself, “What around me needs to change, or beContinue reading “Are you ready for what you want?”