George Jetson And The Robots Taking Jobs Continues. Look Out Salons

My son pointed out that yesterday was the day George Jetson was born. We already moved into the timeframe of “Back To The Future”, and tech companies have created what their visions were….we can now expect to have additional robots taking jobs away from people.I just saw a machine do a manicure online. My questionContinue reading “George Jetson And The Robots Taking Jobs Continues. Look Out Salons”

Fall, Fail, and Keep Looking Up

You can take all the great advice and still fall You can make good decisions and still fail You can keep pushing forward and still be pushed down If you keep looking up, getting up, and seeking then eventually it will get you where you need to be

Selfish or Survival

Humans are not only selfish by nature but survivalists, whether in groups/communities/cliches/marriages or solo. For those that tend to run in smaller pacts I have this question: When the thought of reaching out to someone, do you find it selfish because that is what YOU feel at the moment? Or does it get put uponContinue reading “Selfish or Survival”


Have you ever met someone that puts their life in front of danger for the sake of the greater good? I bet you have, whether you know it or not. Think about the person. Did you notice whether they have a stressed-out demeanor or if they have learned the art of peace? I recently interactedContinue reading “Protection”


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