From The A/V Booth

As I sit in the booth and watch the production come to life, I feel you

When the show exudes beautiful energy, I feel you with me

The lights glowing, the cameras focusing on the perfect moments

All for your glory and you are there

Sometimes I think you’re a figment of my imagination, too good to be true

Something that I created in my mind to help keep love alive

Wanting to pinch myself but don’t dare

The chance of loosing this love wouldn’t be fair

Through the A/V booth the Lord allows the love we have to be shared


Published by kmwilkerson

I am single mother of a strong young man. A few years ago I decided to take up writing (which was something I loved doing as the younger me) and I published my first book, with many more in the making. I strive to leave a legacy for my son, to add to his, once I am gone.

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